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Envision Landscaping

Landscaping adds beauty to home establishments and provide an environment which is natural. You get to breathe clean air and smell the enchanting fragrance of flowers and plants when you have your home surrounded by tasteful landscaping. You can add landscaping to your home and significantly increase your curb appeal and the landscape design company Leduc will help you create a green environment which is healthy to the body and satisfying to the mind.  

​Also gets a beautiful barrier which prevents neighbors and passerby from peeping into privacy. This is an extra space which is visually appealing where you could even install a hot tub for a relaxing bath.


We belive there is only two ways to do a job. 1, Do it right, 2, Do it again.

Envision Landscaping prides it's self doing the job right the first time. 

We go the exrta mile, and treat every project with the same scrutiny to detail as if we are completing our own yard.

Customer Service:

We belive that customer service is the farmost important eliment to the success of any business.

Envision will and does work extremly hard to make sure you the client are happy so you will refer Envision to your friends and family.

Referrals are the best and the cheapest form of marketing and we will work real hard to get yours.


Envision has worked in the Edmonton area for over 20 years and have seen so called Landscape companys come and go. We know the good companies and the bad. We are very competitive amongst the good. We Provide high class at industry standard pricing. We provide free detailed estimates outlining each element of the quote and its dollar value,and the estimates are price guaranteed. 

We would encourage you to get multiple quotes and compair apples to apples  as we are confident in our level of expertise and what that costs. 

Landscape Edmonton- Perfect for Residential or Commercial Landscaping


We value aesthetics craving of nature lovers that evokes the desire in them to be surrounded by the best and eco-friendly spacing. To fulfill their desires, we have employed highly trained professionals who are well versed with all kind of planting and landscaping technique to make the ambiance look plush and appealing. This helped us to be recognized as a reliable name for crafting commercial and residential Landscape in Edmonton. Our team belongs to horticulture background which allows them to make closure coordination keeping every nuance of a project and its background in mind. 


Right from the beginning, we tried to keep it as economical and affordable as possible, not because we want to attract customers but to save resources. Our professional manages it all at their best so as to create a satisfying and visual appealing landscape in affordable budget within the destined time frame. Our primal aim is to render satisfactory services to our clients and for this we leave no stone unturned. 

Evergreen surroundings 

From manifesting lush green serene ambiance to bedecking it with water features, we try to keep it as elegant as possible. be it a residential area, sports complex or event site, airport, hospital, farmhouses, banquets we have attained experience in landscaping all and thus we know how to make significant use of available space. We have attained expertise in all aspects of landscaping including Softscaping, Water feature, Irrigation, Paving Stone, Sod installations, Hardscaping, Wood Work, Ground Cover, and all such requirements. Our reliable and detail oriented services help us discover ourselves as the best known Landscape Contractors Edmonton.