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Since decades, Envision landscaping has been a trusted partner of not only homeowners but also businesses. We provide affordable commercial and residential landscaping solutions and specialize in drought-tolerant landscapes and water conservation. Installing a new lawn or renovating the existing one can be tough, but with the help of a reputed landscape company like us, this task can become easier. 

We give complete landscaping services Edmonton as well as installation projects for hardscapes, erosion control, drainage systems, outdoor lighting, and irrigation systems. With these whole services, our experts will check that the landscaping and lawn of your home or office stay best. Our Professional landscaping Edmonton gives the best services regarding landscaping as the experts have years of experience and are well-skilled in the same field. They use the best method to make your property wonderful. 

​We are also engaged in Sod installations in Edmonton which help the erosion of topsoil and prevent the water-related issues. Sod gives an instant lawn and makes it free from dirt. The roots set up quickly as compared to seed, but they may not establish as well. Being a landscape contractors Edmonton, we understand the importance of your penny and believes in offering the best services through our professional. Our team first understands your vision and then examines the area for that. They prepare your projects neat and clean and provide the maximum level of satisfaction to the clients. 

Soft Landscaping:

Final grades installed to pricse elevations and compacted to industry standards,and a final grade pass from the city. We Survay the elevations to match your design grade elevations on your RPR.

Sod installations:

Provide the highest quality sod available with one fertilize application and the best maintenance advice to keep your lawn looking fantastic.

Trees, Shrubs and Perennials:

Large caliper trees installed and a large range in recomented shrub types to provide the best application needed for your yard and future goals.

Ground Cover:

Rock or Mulch, types of ground cover. The best advice will be giving to determine what will work best for your project, based on  Aesthetics Installation and Budget.


Retaining walls: There is a wide range of differnet retaining walls from natural stone to precast small to high commercial, reinforced, they all require the correct foundation.

Paving Stone:

There is large selection these days on the aesthetics of paving stone from a new modern clean look to an old castle look, and many differnt colour blends. All require the same expertise in the application to ensure you get the years of enjoyment out of your investment, which can be the most expensive part of your yard.

Natural stone work:

Can be used in many different applications and will complment any yard, from a simple address boulder to water fountain.

Water Features:

Self contained water fall, built in to grade water fall, Pondless water feature, Bubbler rocks. 

Wood Work:

Fences and Style fences to meet architectural controll. All fences are built to city structural  requirements  (no exceptions)

Decks, Trellisi, lattice work.


Irrigation is highly recomened when it comes to maintaining your yard and keeping your grass and plant life thriving, they come with rain sensors moisture sensors and water monitoring and many more technical advances in how to water your yard.

We only provide this service on full landscaping installs. 

Concrete Curbing:

Installing Beautifull concrete curbing with many different colours and patterns. Please take a look at our sister company.

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